• dsc2021-kopie-370x.webp

    Carsten von Rönn

    Managing Partner

  • dsc8143-370x.webp

    Gil Dorn Guerra

    Sales Manager

  • dsc1978-370x.webp

    Tim Ole Nommensen

    Sales Manager

  • dsc2011-370x.webp

    Anja Marcussen

    Sales Manager

  • dsc1986-370x.webp

    Olaf Maaß

    Sales Manager

  • dsc2003-370x.webp

    Jennifer Tu

    Sales Manager

  • dsc8203-370x.webp

    Daniel Neuberger

    Sales Manager

  • dsc2256-370x.webp

    Marc Rauchmann

    Head of Sales Eastern Europe / CIS / AMERICAS

  • dsc2248-370x.webp

    Harihara Subramanian

    Director KAT-Brand / TRI-RIM

  • dsc2031-370x.webp

    Stefan Gottweis

    Managing Partner

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