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There’s probably no better way to describe Kistenmacher: we have now been one of the leading exporters of premium quality spare parts for the automotive industry for over 40 years – and we’re still just as passionate about our work as we were when we started.

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Worldwide Quality Reputation

KISTENMACHER AUTO + TECHNIK has been a reliable partner in the independent aftermarket for over 40 years and is characterized by its high standards. With the KAT brand, KISTENMACHER can be depended on to provide the quality for which Germany has acquired a worldwide reputation.

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disk engine

Lubricants & Fluids

KISTENMACHER AUTO + TECHNIK has launched its lubricant and fluid range for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles (LCV) and heavy commercial vehicles (HCV).
KAT – STATE OF THE PART. fluids offer a competitive price – performance ratio with quality (MADE IN GERMANY), know how and reliability. Our lubricants and fluids are of uncompromising quality to fulfill the various specifications and extreme conditions of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). They are designed to exceed international industry norms and are in line with the high level OEM performance requirements.

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